The Services We Offer at Fereday Cylinders

Here at Fereday Cylinders, we look to provide expert metal forming services and consultation at affordable prices; we ensure every job we do is to the highest possible standard and finish, so that the metal you need shaping, forming, bending and rolling is as accurate as possible for you to complete the job you are doing. Today, we’re going to talk through the different metal forming services we offer, including Plate Rolling, Press Braking, Section Rolling, Cones and Transition Pieces, Tube Manipulation and Weld Preparation. Whatever metal manipulation you need, we’re sure to be able to do it here at Fereday Cylinders.

Plate Rolling

Our facilities in the West Midlands have some of the largest plate rolling capacities you can currently find on the commercial market. We can plate roll different kinds of metals to varying specifications depending on the different thicknesses and widths you need; we work within parameters ranging from 50mm diameter up to 75mm thickness, all dependant on what you ask us to do for you. We also aim to get your finished product to you as quickly as we possibly can, which is why our delivery dates can range from the same day as the job being placed up to weeks in advance of you needing the item; this all depends on how soon you may need it, but also on the size and intricacy of the job.

Press Braking

At Fereday Cylinders, we also provide Press Braking services, where we bend both sheet and plate metal to required specifications, provided by you, the customer. Our 250 and 125 tonne press brakes can form metal units up to 4 metres wide, whilst maintaining the same level of accuracy and uniformity that we strive for in any job we do at our West Midlands plant. When Press Braking, we always ensure we keep as closely to the measurements provided to us when the job is placed, so you can use the materials immediately after we supply them to you.

Section Rolling

This specialist manufacturing process is one of the services we particularly pride ourselves in. Our expert staff at Fereday Cylinder co. are skilled in section rolling pieces of metal to reduce them to specific widths or making metal sheets and parts exceptionally smooth. Section rolling is a routine part of the manufacturing process for many metal parts and can be particularly important if refinement of pieces in order to achieve greater accuracy is required. We do our best to translate what is ordered into a finished, section rolled product that our customers can be happy with.

Cones and Transition Pieces

When you give us your orders and specifications, we immediately look to maintain accuracy from start to finish when we begin a job; with our cone and transition piece manufacturing we are no different. We use only the highest quality materials when producing our cone and transition pieces, so as to ensure durability and rigidity when they are used on the various projects our customers are constructing. We use precise machinery and instruments to achieve products that are as accurate as possible, regardless of the task; anything from funnels and chutes or metal ductwork.

Tube Bending

Ourtube bending services are second to none, providing precision and durability with our products whilst ensuring structural integrity throughout the bending process. When we do tube bending, we press the pipe against a fixed die so as to manipulate the metal to achieve the form of the die, achieving extremely accurate bending angles in the process. Many projects, such as construction or mechanical jobs, can require precision across several individual parts, something we aim to provide at Fereday Cylinder.

Weld Preparation

Before undergoing any welding jobs, adequate preparation of the two individual pieces is paramount if the weld will hold and maintain its integrity, that’s why at Fereday Cylinder, we provide our own welding preparation services for you to make your welding tasks easier to manage. With our Trumpf nibbling machines, we can accurately cut weld preps onto plates, ranging up in size to 40mm, so you can have accurate and secure welding on every joint you need to make.

Contact Us Today and Request a Quote

At Fereday Cylinder co., we pride ourselves in providing our customers advice, consultation and expert advice before undertaking a job, so you can have up-to-date knowledge to help you mould your project. Regardless of the metal forming service you require, be it tube bending, press braking or plate rolling, we are sure to be able to provide the service you need. We’ve been in the industry since 1985, so trust our expertise today and contact us for a quote, or more information if necessary.

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