Metal Cones and Transition Pieces

A large part of our work here at Fereday Cylinder revolves around the production of metal cones and cylinders. While we have all the expertise and equipment to undertake fabrication on complex forms, it is these simple shapes which are constantly in demand by a wide variety of industries.

Circles, and variations like ovals and ellipses, are among the most common shapes found in nature.
This is because they are structurally strong and offer the maximum possible area relative to their outline.
As a result, a circular or elliptical cross-section makes for an effectively shaped container or conduit.
This is especially true in the case of vessels designed to carry fluids, as the lack of corners means the substance can flow more smoothly. Metal cones are used as caps or funnels on the ends of such cylindrical containers.

Making a cylinder from a sheet of metal is a relatively simple process. When a rolling technique
is used, the metal sheet is fed back and forth between machine rollers with the angle gradually being increased on each pass.  Thus, the metal eventually curves back on itself to form a cylinder. Metal cone manufacturing is a little more complicated. Since the apex of a metal cone has a much tighter radius than the edges, it takes highly skilled machine operators to produce consistent results.

Fereday Cylinder Co have been metal cone manufacturers for over thirty years. During that time, we have always kept abreast of the latest manufacturing technology and have invested heavily in the
training of our staff. As a result, we believe our current combination of high-quality machinery and experienced operators is among the best in the business.  We provide metal manufacturing services to all sectors of industry, and to private individuals too. And our expertise in plate rolling means our metal cone services are second to none.

Metal Transition Pieces 

Of course, not every engineering product can be optimised in this way. Just as tree roots must
conform to the shape of the land, so metal ducting and other items must sometimes be shaped to work around obstacles or fit in small gaps. Here at Fereday Cylinder, we offer a comprehensive bespoke metalwork service to manufacture components for any situation.

Metal transition pieces are sections of containers or conduits which link two different parts of a system; for example, where a square section duct runs into a cylindrical pipe. Such transition pieces are often odd shapes and sizes, and therefore are usually custom made. By resourceful use of metal cones and transition pieces, it is possible to connect any two parts of a system in a way which will have minimum impact on its operation. When you chose Fereday Cylinder for the manufacture of your cones and transition pieces, you can rest assured that the design will be optimised for the intended purpose and the workmanship will be of the highest quality. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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