All About Tube Manipulation

When we talk about tube manipulation, we refer to changes in the size of the tube, as the width of the tube can increase or decrease in size. We can carry out these changes through using a press with special tools or in a tube forming machine. When we use this form of tube manipulation the purpose is usually to join tubes of the same size. When we refer to tube bending, this can refer to changing the shape in terms of the direction, but it is also used as an umbrella term for all kinds of metal forming processes. 


Here at Fereday Cylinder, we offer tube bending and manipulation services from our West Midlands base here in the UK. These services include a range of metal-making processes whereby the aim may be the form the pipes at different angles or directions. Whatever your aims are for tube manipulation, we will make sure to achieve them.


We use a CNC bender, which is one of the leading tools within the industry of tube bending. It is possible to bend and shape tubes of up to 76mm in diameter using this machinery. This allows us to produce an efficient and effective service. As long as your requirements are within our range, we will be more than capable of delivering a fast solution to your needs.


By using mechanical force, the metal pipe or tube is pushed against a die so that it takes the form of the die’s shape. This results in the ability to achieve precise bends, which are particularly successful when completed on systems involving large pips and tubes, the result also depending on the shape and dimensions of the different sections. To see some of the work we have completed previously, simply view our online tube manipulation gallery.


At Fereday Clynider, we know that each individual project is unique, so for this reason we offer a bespoke service to cater to your tube manipulation needs. Whatever your requirements, we make sure to deliver exactly what you need according to your specifications. However large or complication your project may be, we are confident that we will have a solution for you. We understand you may have a small time-frame, so we pride ourselves on open communication to make sure we can offer you the best tube manipulation service that is perfectly in-line with your requirements.

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