All about our Metal Forming Services

Tube manipulation, or tube bending, is the term used to describe the process of bending, moulding and manipulating the shape of a metal cone or tubing. When it comes to metal forming services, one size does not fit all purposes. Each component needs to be individually formed or shaped in most if not all cases. The varying degrees in which one particular tubing needs to be bent or shaped depends on the project it is for. For example, when creating tubing for a heating or air cooling system, the corners and shape of the property or area in which it is to be installed have a bearing on the project’s measurements and fittings.

Fereday Cylinder Co specialises in tube manipulation and metal forming services such as metal section rolling. Metal section rolling is the process in which one sheet of metal will pass through sets of rollers to force and push the material to conform to the needed shape and mould of the roll. Other metal forming services include processes such as tube manipulation which involves the use of dies that have a precise measurement with a positioning index table.

When creating any piece, whether for the inside of some machinery, to connect the inner workings and systems in your home, or for producing handrails or frames, it is always appreciated if it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For example, the inner workings of a car, the footplate of a steam locomotive, or the engine bay of a boat all hold their charm depending on the work of art a loving craftsman and tradesman have produced. This proves that even when it comes to machinery, beauty and precision should not be compromised or forgotten.

Even in your home, machinery such as combination heaters, air conditioning systems, traditionally mounted in your kitchen, on a utility room wall, placed in your airing cupboard or attic, look better when the outward appearance is orderly and tidy. The metal forming services provided by Fereday Cylinder co also means that any project does not end up looking like a jigsaw of miss-matched pieces, stuck together regardless of order or shape. Rather it will mean each of the pieces are meant to go together and they will not look out of place.

Form and function really can go hand in hand, but only with careful planning and meticulous execution. When metal forming services are required, it's good to make sure the company understands your needs in terms of shape and measurement, but also in terms of finish and appearance. Items manufactured for a domestic setting will usually be concealed within a casing or cladding, whereas in an industrial environment the emphasis will be on functionality. You can see from the website examples of cones and transition pieces that are functional and professional in appearance. When you give us the measurements you require from us, we work hard to ensure durability.

Other examples of our work can be found here, here and here.

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