Tube Manipulation

Tube bending is the metal-making process used to form pipes or tubing. This process allows for pipes to be formed at various angles and directions depending on the requirements of the client. Using mechanical force, a metal pipe or tube is pressed against a die which forces the metal pipe or tube to conform to the die’s shape. Very precise results can be achieved using tube manipulation which is especially useful when the success of a larger pipe or tube system depends on the shape and measurement of individual parts.

At Fereday Cylinder, we are dedicated to using our talent for metal making to create bespoke solutions for the individual needs of our clients. Using our CNC bender, one of the best tube benders in the business, we can bend and shape metal tubes of up to 76mm in diameter. Whatever the size or complexity of your project, our team are here to provide the best bespoke solution for your metal-making project by working to your exact specifications. We understand that such projects are often executed to a tight time frame which is why we aim to provide a quick and efficient turnaround once we have decided on the best tube manipulation solution for your needs.

High Quality Metal Tubes for All Uses

To see some of the results of our past tube bending projects or to get a better idea as to how our service could benefit you, visit our tube manipulation gallery. For more information about our tube manipulation service, get in contact with us today and we shall be happy to discuss in further detail how we can meet the requirements of your project.

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