Tube Manipulation

When you need to form pipes or tubing, at Fereday Cylinder we offer our tube bending services as part of our range of metal-making processes. This enables pipes to be made at a range of different angles and directions. We make use of mechanical force whereby a metal pipe or tube is pushed against a die. The result of this tube manipulation is that the metal pipe or tube conforms to the die’s shape. Precise bends can be achieved with great success, particularly within larger pipe or tube systems, depending on the shape and dimensions of individual sections. 

We are able to offer a bespoke service for tube manipulation, focusing on your individual requirements. We make use of a CNC bender, which is known to be one of the best tools in this industry. Tubes
that measure up to 76mm in diameter can be bent and shaped to your specifications. We are sure to have a solution however big or complex your project may be. We cater to your needs exactly, understanding you may also be working within a small time-frame. We always aim to offer our clients a fast and effective service, communicating with you to ensure we can offer the best tube manipulation solution that adheres to your requirements.

High Quality Metal Tubes for All Uses

In order to see how past projects turned out, simply visit our tube manipulation gallery. To find out more about our tube manipulation service, get in contact with our team. We will be pleased to have a detailed discussion with you to see how we can assist with your metal-making project.

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