Section Rolling

When working with metal, there is always going to be a need for section rolling. This specialist manufacturing process can reduce the width of a metal part, or simply make the section smoother. A majority of metal products will use section rolling as part of their creation. Various parts can be formed using this tool, such as rings, flat rings, and tubes, as well as décor items such as spiral handrails for staircases.

During section rolling, the metal is passed through pairs of rolls to ensure an entirely even surface is obtained. There is a choice between cold section rolling and hot section rolling. For cold rolling, the metal’s
temperature is below its recrystallisation temperature, whilst with hot rolling it is when the metal is roller at a temperature higher than its recrystallisation temperature. With cold rolling, the strength of the metal is increased and improved the end finish, whilst with hot rolling, the metal is more malleable
and can be shaped and formed more easily.

The key to our section rolling services at Fereday Cylinder is that it is versatile. We provide a bespoke service in order for you to achieve the desired end product. We are passionate about what we do and are able to provide bespoke solutions for you, whatever your requirements. To learn more
about our past products, take a look at our section rolling gallery. To find out how we could help you with your project, simply get in contact with us.

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