Press Braking

Searching for a reliable metal press braking service, guaranteed to give you the great results you need? If your construction project requires pieces of metal in specific shapes, we are the right people to come to. At Fereday Cylinder, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our craftmanship, as well as the versatility of what we achieve with our metal manufacturing. Our bespoke metal shaping service will produce metal units from your measurements and specifications to ensure that we get the results you need.

Fully Trained Metal Manufacturers

Through thorough, ongoing training and a talent for shaping metal, our team at Fereday Cylinder are professionals when it comes to press forming metal sheets. We are equipped to complete even the most challenging metal bending tasks using either of our 250 or 125 tonne pressbrakes to form metal units of up to four metres wide.

We understand that in any construction project, accuracy is always key. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with the results we produce from our metal press forming service. To do this, we try to make our service as personalised as possible and adapt our service to cater for your needs.

Our service is about delivering exceptional results at affordable prices. No press braking task is beyond us, so whatever your needs are, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at 01384 213 444 and we shall be happy to offer you a quote today. To get a better idea of the results we can achieve, please visit our press braking gallery. We look forward to hearing from you!

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