Metal Cones and Transition Pieces

The beauty of commissioning bespoke metal cones and metal transition pieces is that whatever your project is, you can have them made to the exact specifications, so you don’t have to adjust or make do with a part that doesn’t allow for the efficiency and smoothness you require for your finished product or project. For example, you can purchase any number of tubing and metal cones from most DIY or hardware stores. You may spend hours perusing the choice, trying to find a size and shape that will do what you need. We are professional metal cone manufacturers that specialise in making the exact piece that you need, perfect for the job, made with the best materials for the job.

The uses for our metal cones and transition pieces are not limited only to industrial or mechanical uses. Here at Fereday Cylinder Co., we have enjoyed using our skill in a number of challenging and unique requests. We welcome any enquires and specifications you may have for our metal manufacturing services. We can provide our own high-quality materials, or we can work with yours.

Our gallery provides some excellent examples of metal cone manipulation and the creation of transition pieces needed to connect one part to another. The latter group is especially valuable when the dimensions of the property or placement of your product or machinery require transition pieces to be bent or moulded to an exact shape and size. This process allows for the best use of the space you have available.

At Fereday Cylinder Co we are sure you will be happy with the end result, as we encourage good communication, that ensures we will produce the exact metal cones and transition pieces that you requested and need.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

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