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The Services We Offer at Fereday Cylinders

Here at Fereday Cylinders, we look to provide expert metal forming services and consultation at affordable prices; we ensure every job we do is to the highest possible standard and finish....

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Weld Preparation

Welding is necessary when you require two or more pieces of metal or plastic to be joined together, fusing them together through either a fabrication or sculptural process...

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All about Metal Forming Services

Tube manipulation, or tube bending, is the term used to describe the process of bending, moulding and manipulating the shape of a metal cone or tubing... 

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All about Plate Rollers Metal Cone and Transition Pieces

Fereday Cylinder Co. Of Dudley in the West Midlands offer a full range of metal bending and forming services to customers across a wide range of industries. These services include...

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Metal Cone and Transition Pieces

A large part of our work here at Fereday Cylinder revolves around the production of metal cones and cylinders. While we have all the expertise....

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